Saturday, April 19, 2008

Favourite Photo friday (on Saturday)

Here are some of my favourite photos. Favourite Photo Friday on Saturday, is the brainchild Of Julie from Causes rats inLaboratory cancer

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LceeL said...

I keep forgetting just how far ahead of us you are - 16 hours. So it's saturday by you already. Nice pics. I like the shot of the sleeping mutt.

Julie said...

I love the photo of Harry. He looks very comfy.

Today I saw a lizard, but couldn't take a photo of it, because I was too busy trying to get the stupid dogs to stop trying to jump the wall to meet the new boxer next door.

Boxer dog, not Boxer Mike Tyson.

Lil said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :) I will definitely check out your daughter's blog, thanks for the link :)
Have a great weekend,
Luv Lil xox

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Seriously, hwta is it with your family and f*%$#@* lizards? they FREAK me out.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

and that of couse, was 'What' not 'hwta'

THAT'S how much they freak me out

fitcat said...

Oh, the first photo is beautful! So's the photo of the sky. :)

River said...

That's a pretty big skink there. I love the one of Harry, he's soooo relaxed.

Marylin said...

Gorgeous pics as always :)

I love the pic with the lizard next to your hand!

Anonymous said...

lovely pics there kimme..

especially like where the tattoo is on the hand.. nice..

Harry leads such a lovely life


frog ponds rock... said...

I keep on meaning to get an international clock thingy Lou.. I forget as well..

He is totally spoilt.. Can you try again Julie? I would love to see Arizonian lizards.. Umm is Arizonian a word???

thanks lil.. xxx

Do they really xbox.mmm *stores away that info for later*

hwta did you say???

Thanks Cat xx

He is River..unless you have a tennis ball then he is a total nutter..

Yay thanks Marylin

He is part of the family Taz, he sleeps on my bed ooops..

cheers Kim xxx

Hyphen Mama said...

Cute dog! My daughter saw the picture and went all goo-goo.

Anonymous said...


so does my puppy and the two cats..

although he aint so much of a puppy these days..