Thursday, January 31, 2008

An Awesome Response....

When Veronica, She of the sleepless Nights casually mentioned to me that there was a great bloggy giveaway happening. Little did I realize that when I succumbed to my daughter's bullying.. errr umm err, I mean agreed with her suggestion to join in the fun. That I would be absolutely gobsmacked with the response.. Like totally overwhelmed with the response..

I am a Potter.. I am still learning my craft. I dream about clay. I haven't played in the Mud since late November.. I want to thank everyone that has entered the competition on my blog. I especially want to thank you because I am excited about this project.. Very very excited.. I have itchy fingers and I am itching to get my hands dirty.. Yay So thank you all very very much.. I have included some photos of some of the stuff that I have made.. just as an example..

I will be drawing the prize-winner Sunday the 3rd of Feb, Tasmanian time .. I have no idea of the time differences.. sorry.. I have entries from the US, from Canada,from Belgium and the UK and entries from here in Tassie and from Mainland Australia as well.. I will use the number generator thingy.. And I wish everyone that has entered the very best of luck.. It is only thursday evening here so there is plenty of time to go and enter the competition if you want.. cheers kim xxx (oh and I just had to sneak in a sunset photo.. cause I could..hehehehe)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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cheers Kim xxx

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Psssst. I hear that there is a madness happening within the blogosphere...People are actually giving away stuff.." gasp" For FREE.. Yes that is right,, FOR FREE.. People are giving things away..

My daughter Veronica.. She of the many Sleepless Nights.. Told me that I had to give away something as well.. So I will!!! Just to stop her Nagging me.. Umm So how about I make you a Ceramic platter.. suitable for putting cheese and biscuits and stuff on.. A one off Original 'frogpondsrock' handmade ceramic platter..Made by me??? What do you reckon? Would you like that? Would you? Would you? Or if you don't umm you are obviously on the wrong page :)

So to Enter... All you have to do is leave a comment here on my blog telling me your two favourite colours.. and I will use these two colours when I glaze the platter.. how easy is that..WOW I wish that I had thought of this myself.. I will use a random number generator thingy to draw the prize as well..

cheers Kim xxx

Updated..# I have been totally overwhelmed by the response to this... Yay thanks heaps... so I have posted some photos of my work if you are interested.. click here :)
cheers kim xxx

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Means Meme Mayhem

I have joined Blog 365. Yep in a moment of weakness I went over to the blog 365 site and signed up.. So I am committed to posting for 365 days etc etc etc..I also 'Blog Guiltfree' which means that I don't get stressed out about this committment that I have made.. At All!(gulp)..

Anyway.. the point is that I am starting to work out a bit of a structure to my 'bloggy life' as opposed to that other life in the real world.Where I have to cook food for the starving hordes and I have nothing resembling structure or order at all...*sigh*

I could be a real smarty pants here and throw in all sorts of analogies involving camels and drowning men and straws and suchlike.. but I wont.. nope I am going to stop blathering and introduce the: Monday Means Meme Mayhem... tadaa!!!

I totally stole this meme from Royalty "gasp" Yes I pinched this from Princess Polly
a Glasgow Girl and fellow blog 36fiver...

So with the appropriate FANFARE da da da de da duh de dah..... I am pleased to announce


this is BEFORE

this is AFTER.. oops..

No wonder the rotten thing was so bloody heavy.. apart from the essentials like phone,camera,wallet,hairbrush,mirror and tampons..I had a gluestick and a roll of stickytape and 2 rubber bands. A writing pad (but no pen or pencil) painkillers and anti histamines, I am allergic to bees and pain ..a purple plastic frog, a polished piece of glass ,3 shells ,a rock, one small container of bubble mix..( when you are a nanny you have gotta be prepared..) 8 band-aids and a handful of serviettes. roll on sunscreen(it's Australia) and a handful of chocolate eclairs. a pair of nail clippers and $5.45 in small change a triple AAA battery and a clothes peg. a tin of breathmints and two qwik eze. I also had a rather large handful of shopper dockets and receipts. and three envelopes... Tadaa!!!!! one clean handbag .. thanks Princess Polly..

I am not going to tag anyone for this meme because like I said I did blatantly steal this from Glaswegian Royalty... So Feel free to nick it from me..

cheers Kim xxx

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekly Winners #9

It has been a busy week here in Tasmania. There have been some awesome sunsets. There has also been a thunderstorm. I have rescued a lizard and of course my Grand daughter has come to visit..

If you would like to see other Weekly Winners please click this link..

If you would like to join in the fun as well, you can just nip over to lotus' the awesomely amazing Sarcastic Mom.'s blog and 1,2.3 you are in like Flynn.

cheers Kim xxx

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Favourite Photo Friday (on Saturday) #2

I rescued this little Lizard from one of my frog ponds... Normally these skinks are really really quick and it is nearly impossible to get a clear photo of them.. I was thrilled to bits with this shot..

So Thanks Heaps to Julie and her F.P.F.O.S....

cheers Kim xxx..

Friday, January 25, 2008

I don't think so!!!

I have just been over to Sleepless Nights giggling away as I generally do when I read anything Veronica has written.. I wonder where she got that sense of humour from hmmm??? Anyway Veronica was writing about routine and predictability and stuff assosciated with living with a tyrant umm I mean a toddler.

one comment was:-"Yep,the routine is inevitable..and how we will wish for it when they are all grown up!

What???? No way Lady! I certainly don't... No! No! No!

I don't miss having toddlers at all..I don't miss the sleepless nights or the nappies. I don't miss the massive amounts of washing or trying to shake a toddler off my leg so I can go to the toilet alone..I don't miss the fear when they are ill. You know that overwhelming feeling of impending doom at 3 am when you have a small child who is ill.. Nope I certainly don't miss that one at all.. I don't miss the isolation of being the only breastfeeding mother trying to live an alternative lifestyle in a small very conservative rural community. I don't miss the overwhelming loneliness I felt at all.. Not one bit...

I had started to write how I felt in Veronica's comments when I thought that I would write about it here instead..

I love being a grandmother. It is heaps more fun than being the mother..

cheers kim

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Awards.. yay

I have received two awards in the past seven days and needless to say I am thrilled to bits..
cue: -*Excited jumping up and down*.The first one, the true blue award was kindly given to me by Maddy from Whitterer on Autism. Maddy seems to think that I deserve this award simply for my ability to annoy the nuns when I was held captive.. oops I meant when I was at school... If you haven't read either of Maddy's blogs I urge you to go and do so... Whitterer on Autism is simply superb.. and Alien in a foreign field needs a giggle warning...

Jientje from Heaven in Belgium takes the most AWESOME photographs.. The amazing thing is that Jientje has only recently started to blog in English.. Jientje's
blog is a really nice place to visit... Thankyou heaps Jientje ...And again do yourself a favour go and check out Jientje's Photography...

I would like to pass the True Blue Award onto Julie at Causes Rats in Laboratory Cancer.. what that woman can do with 'Tatos really needs to be seen to be believed. Oh and you probably don't want to be drinking anything whilst you are reading her tuesday tato head post. :)

I want to give the 'You Make My Day Award' to Tiff from Three Ring Circus .
Cause Tiff is an amazing Mum and Woman and I heart Tiff....

I have heaps of other people that I want to pass these awards on to as well.. But I have run out of time.. the spouse is huffing and looking pointedly in my direction and the sky is an enticing orangey pink colour.. cheers kim xxxx

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It is the wrong day..

Today feels like it is Monday..( Now shoosh Julie.) It is Tuesday here in Australia, it just feels like it is a Monday because I spent all day in bed yesterday, with a bucket.. poor me*sigh*.. I am all better now, thanks xxx..

So here is Monday's Meme on a Tuesday, (stop giggling Julie..)

I was tagged for this meme by my daughter Veronica..this is a really cool made up meme.. made up by witchypoo aka pyschic geek.. ..

This meme is all about sharing handy household hints..

here are the instructions.. as copy/pasted from veronicas post.


Write your tip(s) with a link to who sent the meme to you, along with the instructions. They are better if they are your own discovery, or not widely known. Still, tips that make a difference to you are all good. After your tips, you will want to tag some friends who may even be hard up for blog fodder.

Ok.. Kim's Handy Household tip number one..

This must be done in the middle of the night.. when the Toddler or Teenager, The Spouse or the MIL are fast asleep.. Ok.. Stealth is the word here..

Try and find yourself one of those wooden playpens.. the old fashioned sturdy ones are just fantastic..Set the play-pen up in the middle of your living area, rumpus / family room or even the kitchen will do in a pinch.. then place a comfy chair and a small table right in the middle of the playpen..
Now this is the tricky part... You need to get a small electric fence unit, complete with the white tape stuff and a car battery.. run the white tape all along the top of the playpen and connect the alligator clips to the car battery terminals.. remember to connect positive to positive(+ to+)or (red to red) making sure that the battery is well away from the edge of the playpen.. We don't want anyone to be able to reach the battery at all... BUT ONLY CONNECT THE POWER WHEN YOU AND YOUR LAPTOP ARE SAFELY INSIDE THE PLAYPEN.

Tadaa now you can blog away to your hearts content, free from interruptions..Oh make sure to have your camera handy as well.. I am sure that once your loved ones have discovered the electrified play pen there will be numerous photo opportunities..

Cheers Kim.. ps. I am not going to tag anyone to do this one yet as I haven't finished yet..

Monday, January 21, 2008

It could be worse..

Hello out there.. I am a bit sick today. But it could be worse.... I could be like this Lizard...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

weekly Winners#8

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Why don't you join in the Fun???
It's Easy Peasy... click here to join.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Favourite Photo Friday (on Saturday)

Julie, from Causes Rats in Laboratory Cancer has come up with a favourite photo thingy.. I like Julies sense of humour. I especially like the fact that this is a Favourite Friday Photo Thingy especially for a Saturday. hehehehe...

Here is one of My Favourite Photos.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I feel like skipping.!!!!!!

This is how I feel today. One hundred things for my one hundredth post, took me nearly six hours to compose.. Admittedly I was also making tomato relish, watching the cricket and pottering in the garden at the same time... but but but that is beside the point.. Six hours of non-stop slaving over a hot computer deserves a little skip or two...and possibly a Yeee Haaa!!! as well...

cheers kim hehehehe

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One hundred!

Ok here is where I take a deep deep breath and just 'Jump in Boots and all"

1. My name is Kim

2. When I was 12 I changed the spelling to Kimme

3.I did it to annoy the nuns

4. and it worked. ha!

5. My eyes are green

6. they change colour

7. especially when I am pissed (drunk)...

8. I have stopped drinking

9. for a while anyway,

10. at least until I have lost some weight

11. I gave up cigarettes 14 months ago

12. and gained over 20 kilos (shit)

13. I still occasionally crave a ciggie

14. But I will never ever smoke again.

15. it is my birthday in 15 days

16. I will be 42..

17. I think I will stay 42 for a long time

18. it has a nice ring to it

19 foooorteeeee tooooooooo

20. and 42 is the answer...

21. If you have read the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy

22. you will know what I mean.

23. I am an Aquarian

24. Aquarians 'know' they are special

25. Mere Mortals think Aquarians are strange

26. other Aquarians are nodding their heads right now..

27. other readers are thinking "she's Strange".

28. In high school I was bit of a rebel.

29. I wanted to start my own religion

30. the nun's had a fit.

31. They nearly expelled me

32. I wanted them to

33. I was bored shitless at school.

34. My dad died in a car accident

35. I was in year nine when he died

36. It was a tuesday

37. I have never visited his grave

38. I might one day

39. just to kick it.

40. Or maybe not *sigh*

41. Hey that's how old I am at the moment....

42. in fifteen days time I wont be 41 anymore.

43. I just repeated myself hehehehe

44. did you notice?

45. I started to think about this post ages ago

46. well at post 74 anyway..

47. but I decided to do it later on

48. there was plenty of time I thought,

49. so now I am doing this at the last minute

50. and this has taken all day.

51. I am a very private person

52. I don't like talking about myself

53. even to my close friends.

54. which is strange

55. because I am such an extrovert

56. And a show off

57. I like to shock people.

58. I once told some young greenies that we should chop down all the trees

59. and concrete all of Tasmania and

60. that plastic trees were a much neater option

61. they believed me and got quite irate.

62. but I didn't let them know that

63. I was a greenie before they were even born..

64. I was captain of the debating team at school.

65. I find that debating skills are very handy

66. especially at the pub.. hehehe

67. Both my children were at my wedding.

68. Veronica was my flower girl.

69. We were married in an old country church.

70. Jeffrey and I have been together for 21 years.

71. We will have been married for 12 years next month.

72. I love him very much. *sigh*

73. I get distracted very easily.

74. what was I saying???

75. I am itching to get outside because the sky is pink and blue.

76.I want to photograph the sky.. again

77. We built our home together

78. room by room.

79. From recycled timber and 2nd hand bricks.

80. We used to heat hot water outside in an old copper

81. A wood fired copper.. *sigh* then we would

82. bucket it into the bath.. It used to take all Day..

83. It was hard work.

84. I love my hot water cylinder...

85. I love indoor plumbing.

86. I hate using good drinking water to flush the toilet.

87. I wear odd socks deliberately

88. I get cranky when Jeff cleans up the spiderwebs

89. I like spiders.

90. except when they fall on my head *shudder*

91.I refuse to kill anything I can not eat (insects included)

92. I can butcher and dress out an animal.

93. But the smell of blood makes me ill.

94. I want a dual cab 4 wheel drive ute

95. my favourite colour is purple.

96. I am allergic to Bees

97. I like to wear purple and green socks but

98. I haven't got any at the moment *hint! hint!*

99. Vacuuming is definately bad for your soul ..

100. I like to play in the mud...

phew....cheers Kim

Tomato Relish..

I bought an half case of tomatoes today. I am going to make relish..but totally addicted err um considerate blogger that I am *sigh* I am going to share My Grand Mother's Tomato Relish Recipe with you first.. * hehehe*

12 lbs tomatoes
2lbs onions (chopped)
2 tablespoons of curry powder
3 tablespoons of mustard powder
2lbs of sugar
4 cups of vinegar

Put chopped Tomatoes and onions into pan, sprinkle with salt and stand overnight.
In the morning drain the liquid from the pan. Make a paste with curry and mustard powder and some of the liquid. Place all ingredients into the pan and bring to the boil. Simmer for approximately 1 and 1/2 hours.. put relish into sterilised jars while still hot and seal..

cheers kim

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Storm in a T-Shirt..

A question for you Dear Internets.. How would you feel if your Teenage Daughter came home wearing a T-shirt saying Miss Wasted, Miss Floozy or Miss Gold Digger??? Or if your Teenage son came home wearing a T-shirt with Mr Arsehole, Mr Agro or Mr Pimp emblazened on the front???

Honestly how would you feel about it?

Megan at Imaginif [child protection became a serious business] has written an interesting article about this.. Go on over and have a look..If you have the time please read the comments as well. I found the comments as interesting as the article.

Cheers Kim..

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Blah! Blah! Blah!

This is how I feel today.. I am 'UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN'!!!! Ordinary people see me and shout out! " WOW!!! There goes 'UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN'. Look at her Go!!!"

MMM!!! Nice Dream Kimmy. Now if Only I could get motivated to do something. YAWN' mmm where's that book???

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekly Winners #7

Gosh!!! where does the time go??? It seems Like it was only yesterday that I was gloating about the fact that I had managed to format my 'WEEKLY WINNERS' into something other than a dog's breakfast...*sigh* Oh Well, Here are my Favourites from this week..

Bushfire Sunsets

Tasmanian Brown Tree Frog

Gum Trees, The View from My Balcony

If you would like to join in the fun of Lotus' Weekly Winners, all you have to do is nip over to Sarcastic Mom's blog and sign up.. It is as easy as clicking this link..hehehehe

Helloo!!! and Thanks!!

Note to self: Don't accidentally press enter or the post will publish itself...*sigh* I am always doing stuff like that.. I will press backspace and my photos will vanish pfffft gone.. Sometimes it is a wonder that I actually get to publish anything intelligible at all.

Now back to the business at hand. Thank you to all you lovely internets who answered my questions about commenting. For those of you who have no idea what the hell it is I am talking about, I asked whether you just left a comment and then buggered off, never to return. Or if you did return to see if I had commented back to your comment and so on and so forth...

It was fairly evenly divided between the comment and run group and the hang around and have a yak group..So I will keep on answering all my lovely commenters and I will keep on having fun in my comment section as well as out here in the open..thanks...

The consensus also was for me to buy the camera!!! Yay !!! Thank you I asked you all to talk me into it .. and you did yourselves proud...cheers..YaY!!!!!

The Offspring arrived home from South Australia yesterday. I reckon that boy is nearly as tall as his father now.. wow 6 foot 2 inches tall at 13..mmm note to self: stop feeding offspring quite so well.... more about this at a later date..

Miss Amy managed to press the delete button a few times, whilst Veronica and I were editing the Rss feed thingy in my toolbar.. So if I have been conspicuously absent from your posts and your comments and If you are missing me, even just a little bit hehehe. Can you let me know..please?

This is post number 94. I am racing towards my 100th post at a rate of knots, that is starting to freak me out ..just a bit.. 100 things about me.. Oh Dear.. what on earth can I possibly put in that post???? Help me out puhhleeeease???? What could you possibly want to know about me? What can I actually put in that post? Now if I was still drinking I could just get smashed and pretend that I had forgotten and skip straight to post 101.. But somehow I don't think that will work now.. umm oops there was too much ice in my cordy and I forgot.. sounds a bit wimpy..

Ok thats me done for a bit.. I will be back later to post my weekly winners Yay..cheers Kim

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Talk me into it..Puuurrrleeeaaase

Yesterday was so HOT and WINDY that I was stuck inside all day and I managed to catch up with all my favourite blogs..Miss Sniz wants a new couch/sofa and put her dilemma out into the blogosphere.. My dilemma is identical except it involves a camera. This gorgeous Camera 7.2 megapixels 12x optical zoom,Leica lens,*sigh*.. 2.5 inch lcd screen ,*drool*... and a hefty price tag..* Cough$659Cough* But as Kellan would say there is an upside..

The upside being that I buy xxxxxxx Hampers every Christmas.. For a small weekly outlay I get masses of boxes of Junk Food delivered to my door in December each year.. The Spouse and The Offspring swoon with joy at the sight of all that frozen pizza, meat pies ,chocolate desserts etc etc ,, that I refuse to buy for the rest of the year because that stuff is B.A.D for you and outrageously expensive as well..

I am thinking of converting most of the Junk Food into this Camera..Actually now that I have written this post I am 80% certain that I will probably order this Camera.. 12x optical zoom..
12x optical zoom..12x optical zoom..

What do you Reckon??? should I? should I? should I?

Updated:- I asked my mother about the camera... Mum reckons it is a good buy.. So as a good daughter
I really should do what my mother suggests shouldn't I..hehehehe

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bits and Pieces.

Hello out there my internet lovelies.. *Waves Madly* It is going to be another scorcher today.Yesterday it reached 40 farking degrees up here and that was in the shade...that is 104 degrees for our Fahrenheit friends phew!!!

That is hot Farking hot!! H.O.T = HOT= bluurgh

I had to ask the SiL to leave on Wednesday morning..*sigh* I am pleased that I have my house back.I am pleased that The Spouse is happy again. I am not pleased that I had to kick her out, I felt terrible all day.A horrible mixture of guilt and relief and sadness...*SIGH*

Did I mention that it is HOT.. It is 30 degrees (82) already and it is only ten o'clock .. Bloody Stupid Weather..

A Question for you... I generally answer peoples comments in the comments section.. Do you actually go back and read the comments again, looking for follow up comments? Or do you just comment the once and bugger off ???

I am thinking of joining blog 365.. I don't know what sort of delusional state I must be in at the moment to even contemplate such bloggy madness.. But contemplating I am...

Okay my lovelies I am off to water the Garden before the Death Rays err Sun frazzles my brain.

cheers kim

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hello out there...

This is for Taz, Mother of the gorgeous Maddison. Ages ago Taz asked me about my frogs and I haven't ever really answered Taz' question properly.. So dear Taz just for you here is a photo of one of the Brown Tree Frogs that live in my garden. I took this photo last night just on sunset..

This BT frog has just come out of his/her hiding place to catch dinner.. mozzies I hope..

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekly winners #6

Look! Look! Look! Yay this is the first time that I have managed to format my Weekly winners in such a way that it looks half reasonable..YAY!!!! Um! How long has it taken me? mmm only Six Weeks.. so without further ado .Drum Rrrrolll please. I am thrilled to bits to be participating in Lotus aka Sarcastic Mom's Weekly Winners ... Hurray...

Southern sunsets..

Stormy skies..

Veronica and Amy in my Garden eating fruit.

Redcurrants Yum!!!

Look Nanny! I'm in the Jungle..

Rollup! Rollup!Rollup!.. It's time for Hoopla.

Jientje over at Heaven in Belgium has Tagged me for a meme.. But it isn't really a meme , it is a 'hoopla' *sigh* so if you are confused why don't you pop over to Jientje's and have a look see...
The rules are the same as all the meme rules. ( except this meme isn't a meme it is a Hoopla) Tag someone blah blah blah . tell them blah blah blah etc etc etc.. oh and you aren't allowed to cop out of tagging people either.. It is in Jientjes there ner ner..

12 random things about myself that have to do with Christmas...

1. I love Christmas!!! But I don't like the commercialism of Christmas in fact I hate that side of Christmas.. So for years now I have only ever given presents to the children.

2. I am so envious of 'those people' that have bought and wrapped all their Christmas gifts by June.. Like how is that possible?? I am so hopeless when it comes to storing gifts..*sigh* I just have to give the pressies straight away.. For example I took the offspring Xmas shopping and then when we came home I promptly gave him one of his pressies right then.. Over the course of 2 days I just randomly gave him his pressies.. ALL OF THEM.. ( told you I was hopeless..)

3. I love cooking for Christmas. Not the ' sit down roast meal in 35 degree heat kind of silly cooking'. I love the planning and then the preparation of special festive food, Australian smorgasbord summer food.. Like 'the potato salad from hell' and making the cheesecake to die for..( I will post that recipe later) that kind of cooking just 'floats my boat' hehehehe.

4. When Veronica was two, we were house-sitting for a friend and on Christmas morning I wasn't feeling very Christmassy at all.. A friend turned up with a bag of cherries, a tub of ice cream and a big bottle of red fizzy cordial. I was thrilled to bits and ended up having a great day.

5. Veronica woke up on Boxing day asking," Where's all the presents today then???"

6. Christmas morning with Veronica:-age 3.. Veronica had opened gifts from Santa, gifts from interstate Rellies etc etc. When she asked," Why there weren't any gifts from us?" I was stumped.. I can't remember how I answered that question.. but I tell you from that year on Santa only put one pressie under the tree.. Bastard wasn't going to steal my thunder again hmmmph...

7.One Christmas Veronica would have been about 6 and Mum bought her a Barbie, Doll's house. Our friend 'Red' (a hairy biker type) spent hours helping Veronica and her friend put this very complicated bright pink doll's house together. (He made me promise not to publish the photos.) hehehehe... Now who has a scanner I can borrow????

8.We used to have an 'open house' Christmas eve piss up.. errr social gathering lol. Every person had to bring a packet of Balloons or three because I liked to fill the children's room with balloons. One year we blew up 750 balloons. Veronica had to wade through chest high balloons to find her pressies and they were over Dave's head.. *sigh * It was great...

9.I can remember when I was a child how hard it was to get to sleep on Christmas Eve. I can remember lying in my bed, covered only by a sheet because it was really hot and just knowing that I would never ever be able to go to sleep.. I can still remember the excitement when I woke up at the crack of dawn and realized that It WAS CHRISTMAS!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY

10.Mum and Dad used to put our presents at the foot of our beds and we were allowed to open them as soon as we woke up, as long as WE WERE QUIET... There were presents under the tree in the lounge room and we had to wait until everyone was awake before we could open those..I can still remember the thrill of going to the tree and seeing my name on some of those wrapped gifts..(and counting them to make sure my brother and I had the same amount *sigh*)

11.I love the smell of a proper Christmas tree and how the tree seems to fill my small home with the smell of Christmas.. The spouse hates Christmas trees and the bloody mess they make grumble grumble grumble, dropping bloody needles everywhere grumble grumble grumble.. Hehehe but he still goes and cuts me a pine tree that, "he's had his eye on for a while"..

12. So this is number twelve YAY.. Thanks Jientje I enjoyed doing this. Once I actually sat down and Started to think about it properly...I do love Christmas....

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Do Re Meme..

Yep got tagged for another one.. Julie from Causes Rats in Laboratory Cancer tagged me for this. I am also halfway through a Christmas Hoopla that Jientje from Heaven in Belgium tagged me with as well.Then there is the one from Lotus aka Sarcastic Mom and I am sure if I look hard enough I might find a couple more.

I must answer the question with the first letter of my name... K got that..

1.Famous singer:- kris kristofferson

2.Four letter word:- kiss

3.street:-Kim's road..

4.colour:- Khaki

5 gifts:- greatly appreciated

6 vehicle:- Kombi van

7.Things in a souvenir shop:- Kitsch

8.Boy name: Kim

9.Girl name : Kim

10.Movie title:- Kill Bill

11. Drink:-yes please oops I meant Kahlua

12:Occupation:- Kris Kringle impersonator

13. Celebrity:- Krusty the Clown

14.Magazine:- Killer Whale watchers Monthly almanac..

15. American city:- Kansas sport:-kick boxing

17.fruit:- Kiwi fruit

18. reason for being late for work:- kahlua

19.something you throw away:- K.. I am a hoarder I don't throw anything away..

20.something you shout: Kiss me quickly and don't slobber...

I am going to wait until I meet a blogger who's name starts with Y or Q or X .. then I will tag them really really quickly...Julie already grabbed V by tagging Vonnie *Sigh*
thanks Julie...thats one down and two to go YAY...

p.s I am going to tag Kelley from Magneto Bold Too... Because Kelley was sooo disappointed that she hadn't been tagged as well.. cheers kim...

Friday, January 4, 2008


Veronica from sleepless nights
gave me these flowers the other day.. Thanks Sweetheart.. All Veronica asked in return was that when I gave these lovely flowers away that they be linked back to her so she can follow their progress through the blogosphere.. Too easy honey!!

I have been invaded by my Sil.. Ooops I mean my Sil is staying here .. Nah Fuck it this is a full scale fuckin home invasion and I am not coping very well.. Luckily I am off the grog at the moment or things could be worse.. much much worse.. mutter mutter mutter...

I could waste my time and yours and by having a really big whinge about how everytime I get on MY computer to write, someone is reading over my shoulder or lurking nearby and I feel that my head is about to explode... Or! Or! Or!.......

I could just give away some flowers and tell you all Thank You!!!!

Thanks for making me smile with you or cry with you. Laugh at and laugh with you. Just Thankyou for being there..

So please Take these flowers with my heartfelt thanks..

Cheers Kimxxx

*p.s These flowers are for everyone!! please just grab them!!