Friday, October 26, 2007

After the fire.

Our emotions are starting to return to normal after the fire. All the grade 7 and 8 kids will be going to Geilston Bay High school. They will start school next Thursday. The grade 9 and 10s are going to Claremont college ( a year 11 and 12 facility). Dave is really pleased that he wont be separated from his friends. All the teachers are going with them as well.. I reckon this will be a logistical nightmare but at least we know what is happening in the near future.

This means that David will be home for 5 days. I wonder if my grocery budget can stand the strain? My son is a 13 year old eating machine. eeek.. Is it child abuse to lock the fridge? Should I buy a cow? Could I get away with making him a lunchbox and telling him, "Well that's what you eat at school!" Can I be bothered? Bloody arsonists!!!

1 comment:

Veronica said...

No, it isn't child abuse to lock the fridge.

I'm glad they have sorted everything out.