Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yay it isn't windy today..

I am a bit frustrated today. Normally I am a pretty easygoing person, but today, I am restless. I should be in the studio at TAFE, preparing for my end of year assessment, but I am at home instead grrr.

At least the wind has stopped.

I am studying ceramics at TAFE, doing certificate 4 in art craft and design. The course is only 20 hours a week, but the most important part, for me is the two studio days - thursday and friday from 9.00 till 3.30.

Last wednesday I was out grocery shopping with Veronica and Amy,
the car was full of groceries, it was the end of a busy day...
The car died.pfffft. rrrr.pffft It wouldn't start.

At least it wasn't raining.

With the help of a mechanically minded passer by we got the car going and managed to make it home. The Spouse looked at the car, shook his head and said he would fix it the next day...a studio day sigh..

At least his rates are cheap.

After much tinkering with tools, revving of engines,
skinning of knuckles, yelling and swearing the car was
pronounced officially dead on Friday - a studio day.

At least he had tried.

On Monday our friend Russell turned up with a little Mazda, that was supposedly reliable and roadworthy etc etc. It just needed a few minor repairs and some love, but I didn't care.
As long as I can turn the key and the car goes brmm brmm I don't mind what I drive..

At least it was a cheap car.

Yesterday The Spouse took the car for a drive and decided that it would be best if he, his tools and a spare battery all came to the supermarket with me.. Oh dear, oh deary dear..
There is a strange clunk in the back end. An Ominous clunk.

At least we didn't break down.

So today, yet another studio day I am at home.. sigh

At least the bloody wind has stopped.

And for that at least

I am Happy

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