Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Frog Ponds Rock!!!

A Frog Pond, Full of spawn.
Another pond.
Yet another pond.

I thought that it is probably time that I explained my choice of name for my blog. most blogs seem to have pretty self explanatory titles. such as Why bother? Sleepless nights or Sarcastic mom. Mine is Frog ponds rock... Mmm a new type of music? Rocky frogstars?. wobbly ponds?

Frogs are under threat.They are rapidly declining all over the world. Whole species of frogs are just vanishing. pffft just like that. gone. Our grandchildren wont be catching those tadpoles. So I decided to see if I could entice a few frogs into my yard by making a frogpond. I used one of those clamshell sandpit thingys and it worked a treat.

So now, in some circles I am known as the frog lady. I was the one that could be relied upon to supply the local Kindy with tadpoles (whilst my son was at primary school at least.) Unfortunately with the fungal chytrid disease affecting frogs in some parts of Tassie I am all the more aware of the importance of making my garden a frog friendly space..



Kellan said...

Well, there ya go! Great name and great ponds. See ya.

Veronica said...

Yay for frogponds. You will have to get some pictures of tadpoles now :)

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Frogs are delightful, and tadpoles are wiggly and squirmy fun.

I hope Braden catches many frogs in his time.

Thanks for the shot-out up there!

I'm gonna throw you on my blogroll over at:



Taz said...

how nifty.. :)

they look so cool..

its a pity we live int eh city and i have a Labrador.. lol..

who loves water just a little too much..

have a good one..