Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hello out there...

Hello out there, this is my first blog here... Phew. this is nerve wracking stuff.
The hardest part about this process, is starting.

My Daughter Veronica set this site up for me because I had been blogging
on Myspace and enjoying it...So now I am here as well.. YAY thanks Von.

I am still working everything out, taking tiny blogsteps, one sentence at a time..

So here is a bit about me...

My name is Kim, I am 41. I am a mother and grandmother.
I am happily married.. I am a learner potter. I can watch clouds for hours.
I do not Vacuum.. not ever.. no way..
I dream about clay.
I am Happy


Veronica said...

Hello in there!

Firstly when you say another bloggers name, it is polite to link to them. So link me woman. (You do it the same way as in Myspace, with the little globe button)

Also do you want to be added to my blogroll? Remembering that Nan reads my blog, so she might find you.

frog ponds rock... said...

I have linked you sweety...It just took me some time to work out how to do it...I couldn't get in touch with you to ask how to do are offline btw...Yes add me to your blog roll..please... now how do I delete your comment???? lol..

Meg said...

Hi Kim

Congrats on taking the plunge. I hope Veronica also issued a warning "Caution: this could be addictive"!

dawn224 said...

I bet you think of clay the same way I think of yarn!