Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A New Life.

I am a Great Aunt again, Yay!!!
My great-nephew Hayden arrived yesterday at 2.16 pm.
A healthy little fellow, weighing 7lb 11 oz.

That's all the details I have at the moment, as I received
the good news via text message...

The arrival of a new baby is always exciting.

I have just been reading Veronica's story about
the birth of her daughter Amy, my granddaughter.
So I have decided to give a condensed version of
Amys Birth As seen by me..

It seemed that Veronica had been on the verge of going into labour
for years, not days. The waiting was driving everyone batty
especially Jeff,( Von's dad) That man just cannot handle
stress at all. hehehe
I was in the pottery studio at TAFE when Nathan
rang me , with the news that they were on their way
to the hospital..
Yes this was definately it, proper hurting labour.
It WAS THE REAL THING this time...

The girls in my class wished me luck, told me to drive
carefully..Or at least I think that is what thay said.
My mind had gone blank and I had to go to the toilet
and why couldn't I think of something other than

I had a bit of trouble starting the car and my legs
didn't feel like they belonged to me at all..
Disobedient Strangers legs.
Silly Car.. Silly Legs..

A few deep breaths later, I actually managed to
get the car out of the car park. concentrate! concentrate!
give way to the right. red light. stop car.
Shit I haven't got any money I need a bank.
Concentrate! Concentrate! My baby is having a baby
Shit!! Go to the shopping center there is an ATM there
phew, breathe breathe, concentrate.

I managed to safely park the car in the multi-level
carpark of a nearby shopping centre. I was in a
strange floaty frame of mind, elated and terrified
at the same time..
okay mission accomplished I had been to the bank,
All was good.

Until I realized that I had absolutely no idea where
I had parked the car!!!!

I could feel an hysterical giggle
trying to escape..
Ok Kim don't panic, breathe ,breathe,
calm, calm,calm.

15 minutes later I found the car.. YAY

Losing the car was so outrageously out of character
that it acted as a very handy reality check. I made it
to the hospital in one piece.. having parked in
yet another multi level car park, my mantra in the
elevator was level 11 b level 11b level 11 b.

The rest of the story is Veronicas..
I have a gorgeous Granddaughter
I survived the birth
I am happy


Veronica said...

Ahhh you make me giggle.

You forgot to link to Amy's birth story on my blog though :(

It looks like you are still having a few publishing glitches. I wonder why?

frog ponds rock... said...

I thought I had linked it... I am definately having publishing issues.
I am glad you liked it tho.. xoxoxox