Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelley... WooHoo

It is Kelley's birthday
today hip hip hooray.So I was wondering just what do you give to a friend that you have never met????

I decided that I really didn't want to send her cyber chocolate because even though the thought was nice Cyber- chokkie really isn't that satisfying..(no guilt you see)

So because it was too late to organise a stripper to go to the Indian restaurant.. I could do the next best thing... Happy Happy Birthday Kelley....


Kelley said...

The third one! Yeah the third one!!!

I love a man in a mankini!

Bwaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa!!!

Thanks babe for the birthday wishes


LceeL said...

Now that I feel totally inadequate, I just want to say that the third guy - that's just WRONG!

jientje said...

jeeezzzz!!! I want to comment on the pictures and I can't see them anymore! yeeehaaa, I know it's not MY birthday, but thanks anyway!!!!

TinkingBell said...

What a great series of posts! fabulous photos and nice men! and I'm so with you about breat feeding - fed daughter until she was almost2 (and I was 6 months pregnant with son) and son until 2 and 1/2 - loved breast feeding - and no it wasn't easy to start with, especially as daughter was prem and I had to express and so on - but totally worth it -and I fed any and everywhere - even sat on the floor in Target! So yay! you!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Kelley..

what a wonderful idea for a pressie.. hehe..

Anja said...

I'm smiling! Now what will I have for breakfast. *giggles*

Can you get eye candy in a box?

Bahahahaha... did that sound wrong?