Saturday, January 5, 2008

Do Re Meme..

Yep got tagged for another one.. Julie from Causes Rats in Laboratory Cancer tagged me for this. I am also halfway through a Christmas Hoopla that Jientje from Heaven in Belgium tagged me with as well.Then there is the one from Lotus aka Sarcastic Mom and I am sure if I look hard enough I might find a couple more.

I must answer the question with the first letter of my name... K got that..

1.Famous singer:- kris kristofferson

2.Four letter word:- kiss

3.street:-Kim's road..

4.colour:- Khaki

5 gifts:- greatly appreciated

6 vehicle:- Kombi van

7.Things in a souvenir shop:- Kitsch

8.Boy name: Kim

9.Girl name : Kim

10.Movie title:- Kill Bill

11. Drink:-yes please oops I meant Kahlua

12:Occupation:- Kris Kringle impersonator

13. Celebrity:- Krusty the Clown

14.Magazine:- Killer Whale watchers Monthly almanac..

15. American city:- Kansas sport:-kick boxing

17.fruit:- Kiwi fruit

18. reason for being late for work:- kahlua

19.something you throw away:- K.. I am a hoarder I don't throw anything away..

20.something you shout: Kiss me quickly and don't slobber...

I am going to wait until I meet a blogger who's name starts with Y or Q or X .. then I will tag them really really quickly...Julie already grabbed V by tagging Vonnie *Sigh*
thanks Julie...thats one down and two to go YAY...

p.s I am going to tag Kelley from Magneto Bold Too... Because Kelley was sooo disappointed that she hadn't been tagged as well.. cheers kim...


baby~amore' said...

very creative Kim ...#18 on the rocks

Kelley said...

Glad you didn't tag me, cause you took all the K words!

Bettina said...

well done - I think that would take me a while lol

Taz said...

well done..

frog ponds rock... said...

Baby amore: mmm yummy *sigh*

Kelley: Oh haven't you been tagged for this one yet?? hehehe *races away to tag Kelley*

Bettina: It did.. I was stumped for ages with the street and then the magazine..

Taz: thanks sweety and how is the gorgeous Maddison??

Julie said...

This is very funny -- and you didn't cheat, except for the gifts answer, which is so funny it doesn't matter. And you had a real color...I said Juniper, and Tasina, who tagged me, said that wasn't a color. So I googled until I found a website that sold juniper-colored ribbon...

frog ponds rock... said...

Julie: thanks I always thought Juniper was a pretty shade of green..

cheers kim..