Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Update.. Help 'B' Get to Japan..

My God Daughter B.. has been selected to go to Japan.. You can read the full story here.

This is an Update for all you lovely internets who have entered the competion that Veronica is running and/or donated as
I have included two photos in this post so that you can see my lovely God Daughter hehehe or at least see her poor fingers.. I had to smile when I saw the Teenage nailpolish mmm pink and yellow noice... and I commiserated on the state of poor fingernails.. All the while (sneaky blogger that I am) composing my blog in my head.

Harvest time in the cherry orchards is a pretty intense time.. B is working in the processing sheds sorting cherries.. Her Dad is working there as well driving a forklift. So B's struggles out of bed at 6am ready to start work by approximately 7.30 -8.00 am. Now any of you out there with teenagers will know how hard it is to drag them out of bed ..( So I am pretty impressed)
I have never been inside a packing shed but from the description B gave me I can sort of imagine it..
The cherries are on a wet conveyor belt type thingy B says the water that the cherries are in smells like 'chlorine pool water'.. B's job is to stand in one spot and sort the cherries as they roll past. The 1st grade premium cherries are destined for the export market and these cherries have to be perfect,( hence B's short nails) The 2nd grade cherries are sent to the mainland and some are sold locally.. The third grade cherries are either thrown out or sold for Jam.. B works an eight hour shift and will be working there until all the cherries have been processed..

I was quite impressed with B's determination to earn as much money as she could to help pay for her trip to Japan.. Quite impressed indeed!!!

B also wants me to pass on her thanks to you the lovely internets who have donated money towards her trip and/or made helpful suggestions for useful fundraising ideas..
Thank you Very much!!!

Veronica has extended her competion So why don't you pop over and have a look.. you could win chocolate just by commenting wooohooo..

Here is a photo of B's work ravaged hands hehehe and a photo of B and her Mum
cheers Kim xxx


Taz said...


her poor hands..

i hope it works out well for her..

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Aw, such cute nail polish! Happy New Year, I hope it all works out for B and the whole of your family this year, hugs BG x

Kelley said...

ooooh cherries!

Love the nails. My girls are the same. Moo has black and white ones at the moment.

Oh and I just subbed with Bloglines so I don't miss anything. I have been relying on just clicking on your comments! And I am the first subscriber! BooYah!!!

Bettina said...

Groovy fingernails!!

fitcat said...

Thanks for the update! Good on her for working so hard. That's kind of gross though about the chlorine cherry water?!

frog ponds rock... said...

Taz: Yep she has been working those fingers to the bone..hehehehe

Bendygirl:I had a great new year thanks.. And thankyou!!

Kelley: These cherries are huge.. they are worth $1.50 each..Wow!! Us aussies only get the stuff the export market considerd inferior..

The nails say it all.. It's like waving a flag.. hello Teenager here..

Boo yah Indeedy xxx hehehe

Bettina: Her toes were a nice colour as well..

Fitcat: Yep and because these cherries are for the export market they have to be perfect.. B' says she was shocked by the amount of waste *sigh* said...

Good for her! I worked to pay for my school clothes as soon as I could get hired. I like initiative in a teen!

Anonymous said...

ha ppl its b
god i worked der 4 a week then i left... 2 much hard work but i didnt give up then i went BLUEBERRY PICKING!!!! i have been working there 4 3 weeks and its my last day 2morrom thank god!!(i do need so kind of hoilday!!) YAY!!! i have made $500 over the hoildays and the flight ppl need $650 by the 15th of feb the day after i go back 2 school!! OMG!!!
wit lots of love b