Thursday, January 17, 2008

One hundred!

Ok here is where I take a deep deep breath and just 'Jump in Boots and all"

1. My name is Kim

2. When I was 12 I changed the spelling to Kimme

3.I did it to annoy the nuns

4. and it worked. ha!

5. My eyes are green

6. they change colour

7. especially when I am pissed (drunk)...

8. I have stopped drinking

9. for a while anyway,

10. at least until I have lost some weight

11. I gave up cigarettes 14 months ago

12. and gained over 20 kilos (shit)

13. I still occasionally crave a ciggie

14. But I will never ever smoke again.

15. it is my birthday in 15 days

16. I will be 42..

17. I think I will stay 42 for a long time

18. it has a nice ring to it

19 foooorteeeee tooooooooo

20. and 42 is the answer...

21. If you have read the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy

22. you will know what I mean.

23. I am an Aquarian

24. Aquarians 'know' they are special

25. Mere Mortals think Aquarians are strange

26. other Aquarians are nodding their heads right now..

27. other readers are thinking "she's Strange".

28. In high school I was bit of a rebel.

29. I wanted to start my own religion

30. the nun's had a fit.

31. They nearly expelled me

32. I wanted them to

33. I was bored shitless at school.

34. My dad died in a car accident

35. I was in year nine when he died

36. It was a tuesday

37. I have never visited his grave

38. I might one day

39. just to kick it.

40. Or maybe not *sigh*

41. Hey that's how old I am at the moment....

42. in fifteen days time I wont be 41 anymore.

43. I just repeated myself hehehehe

44. did you notice?

45. I started to think about this post ages ago

46. well at post 74 anyway..

47. but I decided to do it later on

48. there was plenty of time I thought,

49. so now I am doing this at the last minute

50. and this has taken all day.

51. I am a very private person

52. I don't like talking about myself

53. even to my close friends.

54. which is strange

55. because I am such an extrovert

56. And a show off

57. I like to shock people.

58. I once told some young greenies that we should chop down all the trees

59. and concrete all of Tasmania and

60. that plastic trees were a much neater option

61. they believed me and got quite irate.

62. but I didn't let them know that

63. I was a greenie before they were even born..

64. I was captain of the debating team at school.

65. I find that debating skills are very handy

66. especially at the pub.. hehehe

67. Both my children were at my wedding.

68. Veronica was my flower girl.

69. We were married in an old country church.

70. Jeffrey and I have been together for 21 years.

71. We will have been married for 12 years next month.

72. I love him very much. *sigh*

73. I get distracted very easily.

74. what was I saying???

75. I am itching to get outside because the sky is pink and blue.

76.I want to photograph the sky.. again

77. We built our home together

78. room by room.

79. From recycled timber and 2nd hand bricks.

80. We used to heat hot water outside in an old copper

81. A wood fired copper.. *sigh* then we would

82. bucket it into the bath.. It used to take all Day..

83. It was hard work.

84. I love my hot water cylinder...

85. I love indoor plumbing.

86. I hate using good drinking water to flush the toilet.

87. I wear odd socks deliberately

88. I get cranky when Jeff cleans up the spiderwebs

89. I like spiders.

90. except when they fall on my head *shudder*

91.I refuse to kill anything I can not eat (insects included)

92. I can butcher and dress out an animal.

93. But the smell of blood makes me ill.

94. I want a dual cab 4 wheel drive ute

95. my favourite colour is purple.

96. I am allergic to Bees

97. I like to wear purple and green socks but

98. I haven't got any at the moment *hint! hint!*

99. Vacuuming is definately bad for your soul ..

100. I like to play in the mud...

phew....cheers Kim


Veronica said...

Oh Mum, I am cracking up at this.

Other people only think Aquarians are strange if they didn't grow up with one for a mother.


frog ponds rock... said...

hehehehe I love you too sweety xox

Taz said...


nice 100..

have ya been able to log on myspace yet?

River said...

These are the ones I like:
17; my mum was 26 until I was 26, then she suddenly was 35 and stayed 35 until the day she died aged 78.
67+68; my daughters children were at her wedding, gorgeous at 2 and 4 years old.
82; I remember carrying buckets to fill the bath.
99; vacuuming sucks......
Congratulations on making the hundred.

Bettina said...

woot!! You did it!!lol,

Xbox4NappyRash said...

That's all actually quite sweet.

You demented wench...

Marylin said...

phew, you did it! great post :) oh jeez that means I'm going to have to think about my 100 things soon... i've got about 75ish posts already. eeeek!

Frogdancer said...

Aquarians are loopy. It's true. I'm a Virgo, so of course I'm correct.

Just thought I'd pop in and say hi to another froggy blogger. I found you via Lightening. I couldn't face the 100 things about you post when I reached my 100 post milestone a few weeks ago, so I wrote about blogging instead.

One thing that sets us apart... your frogs are evidently real. Mine are metaphorical.

Great blog!

TinkingBell said...

Of Course Aquarians are special (its MY birthday on the 30th) my husband is an aquarian too - but he's Feb - so he's not as special. Both our children are Leos. Both our children were supposed to be virgos.
I'm glad they're not - they'd think my housekeeping was crap! Instead they'll just worry about their hair! Happy 100th!

Maddy said...

Controvercial and complicated, love it.
Best wishes

LceeL said...

I'm not sure I could ever do that. 10 maybe. Or I might stretch it our to 20. But 100. Never. I'm not that interesting.

TANYA said...

hey...pretty cool. Was hard to read, eyes were going really fast.

my eyes change colour too. When I'm upset they go bright yellow, cold they go brown and angry or drunk they go green. They are usually yellow with a green ring around them.

I agree with the not killing animals unless you're going to eat them thing. I tell Nathan all the time. 'Don't hit that animal in the car unless you want to eat it!' One day he accidentally hit a kangaroo and carried it all the way home, then gave it to the dog.

Julie said...

I am so glad I didn't know about "100 things about yourself" when I hit post 100.

This was very funny...I started it on google reader, and it only listed the first 10.5...which means the last line was:

11. I gave up

Until I came over to your blog, I thought you had done ten of them and given up...

Veronica said...

I tagged you for a meme. Ner ner.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Heehee, I tried to start my own religion in high school too. It was saying I was going to run a brothel for my career that really upset 'em though! BG x

frog ponds rock... said...

Taz: I managed to *sigh* over miss Maddison,, gosh she is growing quickly..Then Myspace started to play up for me..bloody myspace..

Thanks River and thanks for coming over here and having a yak.. My mum was 28 for ages too.. I think she is about 35 now as well. hehehehe

Yep Bettina I made it!!!! Yeehaaa!!!

Xbox.. Must be my Irish ancestry winning out.. cheers..

Marylin: EEEk indeed...It is a biggy, that's for sure..but it isn't that hard once you get started.. I had little notes to myself.. like veronica/flowergirl to jog my memory.. But once I started to write it down it just sort of flowed..

Hello a froggy virgo *Waves Madly*
I had added you as a friend on blog 365 as well because Of your name hehehehe.. cheers kim..

HEHEHE Tinkingbell hello... Two aquarians Wow.. with two leo children hehehehe that's an interesting combination lol.

Thanks Maddy xxx

Well we will have to wait for your 100th post lceel and see.. hehehe course you can do it...

Tanya *waves* sorry you couldn't read it properly...

phew!!!I am glad you came over then Julie.. It is the same in my blog 365 sidebar.. hehehehe How's that Camera going???

ner ner ner to you too Veronica!!!!

Hiya Bendy.. hehehe a brothel.. I caused enough trouble with my own religion.. and the fact that I insisted that god was a woman.. poor old Sister Lecia *sigh* I was a cow of a kid... said...

congratulations! quite a feat to do it all in one day. I've had mine done for ages, but fear I will forget when my 100th post comes about.

baby~amore' said...

you crack me up too ... can see why the apple doesn't fall far from the tree (Veronica cracks me up too - you both have an insane sense of humour)

I can relate to a few - many of your 100 things. Glad you stopped smoking and that you are older than me .. probably wiser What you do for 200 ?

tiff said...

That was bloody incredible but you managed to get away without telling us too much about yourself, me thinks.

Joh said...

My mum is an aquarian too Veronica.
42 is my favourite age so far.
I tagged you a couple of days ago, but forgot to let you know. Sorry about that.

frog ponds rock... said...

psychic: heheheh I will remind you then..

trish I am going to pretend that I have forgotten about my 200th when it is time..

mmmm tiff...

Gee thanks Joh, I will nip on over and have a look...

HRH said...

The answer 42 was fun. I loved the list in a poetic and interesting way. I don't think I could have held my own attention for 100 things about myself!

Veronica said...

Looky at all your comments on this post! I feel so proud. Is that weird?

fitcat said...

I can't stop laughing over the plastic trees! The looks on their faces must have been priceless!!

We have a dual cab ute...we managed to do some off-road driving when I was working on my thesis field research out in the bush and we want to go to Fraser or Bribie or Moreton but it's too hard to get there with Peter's travel restrictions (from his work)!