Friday, November 30, 2007

Please Help us send B to Japan

My Goddaughter B... has been selected to go to Japan..YAY.. Twenty students from year 7 and 8 are going to Japan next august. B... has only been out of Tasmania once before and that was for a wedding when she was 10. B... had to submit an application in the form of an essay. Ten students were chosen from her High School and Ten from another High school.

This is a 7 day exchange programme with B.. Staying 2 nights with her host family then 3 nights at a youth camp then back with her host family for the final night.

But... and there is always a but *sigh* B needs to find 1600 dollars for airfares etc. So this is where you come into it..
My Daughter Veronica has a fundraising competition thingy set up on her blog. We are asking people to donate to a pay pal account to help send B to Japan... So could you please click this link to Veronica's blog and just have a look... please :]

There is no pressure to donate at all. None ok... Fundraising ideas are welcome as well. Very very welcome.

B is going fruitpicking in January to earn herself some money.. I had to smile when her mum told me that. Last year B.. spent one day in the orchard picking cherries and swore she would never ever return because cherry picking TOTALLY SUCKS . hehehe

Welcome to the real world honey...Ya gotta work for the money.

Thanks for reading this and a big extra thanks for having a quick look at Veronica's post as well.

cheers Kim


Veronica said...

And if you come over and comment on my page, I will enter you into the competition I am running. You don't have to donate to be entered, you just have to comment, or link back to me.

Great post Mum.

lightening said...

Wow!!! Now that's what I call a school excursion! :-) She's done very well to be accepted. What an opportunity for her. It's nice that she's learning the meaning of work, even if she's only able to earn a small portion of the costs (or spending money or whatever).

Veronica sent me here so I could understand more what it was all about. She has some very special people helping her out. :-)

Taz said...

i hope it all works out for B..

what an awesome holiday..

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. No problem with the little tip. I absolutely remember how overwhelming it is to be so excited to go, but know that you are going to have to find the money somewhere. I guess raising the money is just part of the learning process though, isn't it?

Good luck!

b said...

i got in i got in i got in i got in yayayaya lol
iv been on a mental hi for the past 2days from when i found out lol and i came over to my friends house as soon as i could to tell u lol
thanks 2 all of u lol
i got in yayayay lol
love b xoxox