Monday, December 3, 2007

Beer, Heatstroke and rain.

Yesterday was really hot. I absolutely despise the heat. Hate,Spit Loathe!!!! It was 35degrees celcius,(thats about 92 degrees fahrenheit) at 8pm.*sigh*

So what's a typical aussie sheila do in the stinking heat???? Well I wouldn't know as I think the typical aussie sheila is a myth. But that's beside the point.I know what I did... I got drunk. The more I glowed (that's my mums influence, hehehe.. Horses sweat,Men perspire and Women glow and boy was I glowing) The more beer I drank.

I think I gave myself a bit of sunstroke doing the laundry in the full sun as well..
So if anyone reading this post has strange comments on their posts (cough Kelley cough) You can blame it on the heat... OOOPS and the fact that I am Tasmanian and whatever other pathetic excuse I can come up with ..hehehe

Anyway We had the best thunderstorm at about 3am. Yay and we had RAIN LOVELY RAIN.
I dont know how much rain..but the small house-tank is full and we got about 6 rungs in the big tank. The spouse reckons that we probably had about an inch of rain so YAYAYAY Yay... We won't have to buy water this week 'phew' and my smelly sandshoes got a nice soak...


Taz said...

bring on the rain.. ;-)..

we need some here too..

the damn birds ate all my apricots..


frog ponds rock... said...

Oh no Taz.. that's no good.. My apricots are only green balls the size of walnuts at the moment...the wallabies have been nibbling the lower branches though..
Your little daughter has made me clucky *sigh*
cheers kim

Tracey said...

I'm not gloating, really I'm not, but we have rain, glorious rain, pouring down from the heavens...and flash flooding, and storm damage, and hailstones. You can't have everything!!

frog ponds rock... said...

Tracey We have rain too! yayayay and guess what???? Now I actually have Mud ..Wooo Hoooo

Kelley said...

just read over your posts woman and no I don't believe you spread your mad drunkeness here. Just at my blog, LMAO.

I can just imagine what the new readers were thinking!!!

Yay for the rain, but we don't need it here, we have had enough flooding thankyou-very-much!

Veronica said...

Look at your shoes! You should have coloured them in with waterproof ink!

frog ponds rock... said...

oooops Kelley..Well you are special *grovel* hehehehehe


MP said...

Great tennis shoes!!
Yesterday morning 65 degrees F and the time I went to bed 29 degrees F... lovely!

Schmutzie said...

You've been tagged:

witchypoo said...

Oh, my, I can't imagine rationing water, or having to buy it.
We got our first snow of any amount today this year, but on the east coast of Canada, it is more often rain than snow in winter.
I would much rather not deal with brutal heat, because once yer nekkid, that's it. The cold, you can layer for. Hi Taz, I have a niece we called Taz. She is a bundle of energy.

frog ponds rock... said...

mp.. thanks I coloured them in myself hehehe..

schmutzie: Gee thanks *groan* (only joking) I will think of eight things soon.. cheers..

witchypoo: Yep I totally agree with you about the heat.. I am not a small woman either So I am well insulated hehehe.. God do I suffer in summer though..

baby~amore' said...

Glad you got the rain you needed - we have had showers/storms most days the last week.

frog ponds rock... said...

Baby amore: Thank you..