Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This is soooo funny.. (oops!)

Heheheheheehe. sometimes these things are SCARILY ACCURATE...

You Are a Fruitcake

People pretend you're sweet and precious, but they know how weird you really are!

ps. I really wanted to be a Trifle...*sigh*



Taz said...

i did it.. hehe..

i am i am Trifle.. lol

"No doubt, you have intricate layers. But deep down, you're a little squishy..

Anonymous said...

I'm eggnog, I think because my true love gave me a hangover.

Veronica said...

You Are Eggnog
Rich, sweet, and probably a little drunk. Everyone who knows you tends to get a little fatter.

Eggnog? Ooookay then.

jientje said...

And I am a gingerbread house! Anyone would like to get lost in the woods with me!!! Hehehehe!

Kellan said...

A trifle - you are so funny. Hope you had a good Christmas - see you later. Kellan

Sniz said...

I'm a gingerbread house!! A little spicy, a little sweet, anyone would want to be lost in the woods with me! How true!!