Tuesday, December 4, 2007

You have been selected ..

Oh My Farking Gawd I have a serious case of the giggles... I am being stalked by a telemarketer with a foul mouth and a bad attitude. So why Am I Laughing?????

The phone rings and the Offspring dithers and hands the phone to me..

( he knows the protocol we put telemarketers on hold here..)

Salesman: Hello Madam you have been selected for a free mobile phone

Me: No I am sorry I am not interested, thankyou, goodbye...click

ring ring ring

The offspring answers again

Salesman:Goddammit I am trying to give you free phone and you are hanging up

Offspring: Hangs up.

ring ring ring

Salesman: I am being fucking pissed off. I am trying to give you a fucking good phone
and you are fucking hanging up on me .

Me: Giggles, loudly (I couldn't help myself)

Salesman: Why are you finding this funny.It is a fucking good phone Godammit

Me: Giggling loudly and doing a bad salesman impersonation walks away from the phone to get another beer...

Leaving the salesman hanging as it was...

he hasn't rang back yet..sigh and I have been practising my accent too...


Meg (Blogpond) said...

Too funny - golly they're persistent buggers! I like the one where you ask them for their home number so you can call them just as they are about to eat... ;)

tiff (three ring circus) said...

Absolutely! What Meg says!

Ha ha ha ha! What accent would you have used?

frog ponds rock... said...

meg: The rule here is that whoever answers the phone, politely says I will just get mum/dad and then walk away.. leaving them on hold.
I even say that..lol they seem to stop ringing after a while..

tiff: mmm a very bad Indian accent

I signed up for the do not call thingy as well *sigh* these characters musn't be part of it..

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Too funny that he kept calling you back!

Taz said...

well seeming my parnter is german.. it works very well in our house..


if they ring he starts talking to them in german and they soon hang up lol..

or we do what you and leave them on hold.. lol

fitcat said...

Hehehe, that's brightened my morning reading that! I had soooo many telemarketers call us at work this past week...including someone calling about our Telstra account. We only have one, that's my father's mobile. She wanted to talk to the owner (Dad or Mum) and I asked her if it was a sales call. No, no, this is a general call.

Told Dad what she said but that I thought it was a sales call...and of course it was. Everyone wanting to get bigger commissions before Christmas...

psychic said...

Back in the day of door-to-door salesmen, my father beat one up who wouldn't take his foot out of the door.
Crazy bahstid. But he wasn't bothered again. Guess word got around.

Veronica said...

Looky at all your comments!

Bad attitude indeed, you should have let Dad talk to him.

Kelley said...

High five there Kim.

We hates the telemarketers dont we?



baby~amore' said...

they are persistent - I heard of a few funny things ...heehe on the accent. I say my babies are screaming (often they do)or running amuck and hang up !

frog ponds rock... said...

Bendy girl: I know!! Wow three times

Taz: mmm I only speak a foreign language when I drink rum lol

FitCat: Hello and thanks for commenting.. You can join the do not call register and A lot of telemarketers are then not allowed to ring..

Psychic: hehehe If he had rang back a 4th time I might of wanted to do that myself..cheers

Veronica: Nope nope nope your Dad gets tooo stressed out. xoxoxox

Kelley: We do my precioussss We do

Baby amore: My friend had a tape of her small offspring throwing a tanty. and we always wanted to use it for telemarketers..hehehehe