Thursday, December 13, 2007

just a quickie.

I am sitting here at the computer and the most gorgeous smells are sneaking past my nose. So I decided to photograph and share my hi-tech computer space hehehehe. Yes it is a garden chair. The open door that you can see leads out to the balcony. the gorgeous smells are coming from the honeysuckle, that is climbing over the balcony.It's not a very good photo but it will have to do for the moment as I am about to go and pick myself a bunch of honeysuckle and really stink the house up... cheers Kim..


Veronica said...

It doesn't look to bad, looks almost pretty. Much nicer with the door open.

Lee said...

Wow that looks awesome, I bet it's really nice this time of year down there, unlike in level 6 water restriction land Queensland!!

Casdok said...

Wow! How wonderful!!

Kelley (magnetoboldtoo) said...

bring me some? I will make lemonade scones with homemade jam and cream (well the jam is homemade, not the cream, cause that is just creepy seeing I don't own a cow...)


Taz said...

mmm.. honey suckle smells so nice..


TANYA said...

wow...thats a great place to blog.

so much inspiration

Wanna see mine? No?

Just imagine a room 3x3 with 4 desks in it. my little cubicle has a radio going, phone constantly ringing quietly and voices of my colleagues helping customers. There is stuff everywhere, but most of it is stationery. There is no window and it is stuffy and artificially lit.

However, if I got the internet hooked up at home I would be in the corner of the bedroom which is next to the sliding door. I would have the sliding door open and curtain open. This leads out to the verandah and from the bedroom I can see the rolling hills, the small sleepy town and hear the birds and trucks going down the highway.

I really need to get the net hooked up at home.

baby~amore' said...

I love your blogging possie Kim. awesome,serene and sweet smelling.