Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am a haphazard cook.. Yeeeehaaaa!!!

I am I am I am.. I cook using a combination of kilos and pints. Handfulls and splooshes.
cups and tablespoons and grams and pinches..hehehe shakes and splashes and stuff...

If ever anyone is reading any of my recipes and you find things a bit confusing I will gladly give the conversions.. Because really I just expect you my lovely lovely internets to be able to read my mind..".the pool of clarity that it is" *scoff*

I like to collect old recipes and I also collect old plants.. not dead houseplants.. I like to keep and grow old, self-sustaining food plants.. like the raspberries that you hear me whingeing about. My grandfather gave me the runners and they originally came from his great we have to have a Wow Factor there. My grandfather is 80 sooo you can do the maths and work out how ancient these raspberry canes are..

cheers kim xxx


Taz said...


Kellan said...

"not dead house plants" - ACK! I love that those raspberry runners you have are from your grandfather and I also love that they are old - very, very cool. I've never thought about such a great tradition - passing it down through the family - great! Take care. Kellan

Maddy said...

I'm a haphazard cook too, but it's not my fault, it's the cups, litres,grammes, fluid ounces nightmare of flitting between too many cultures.

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

TANYA said...

YUM! I was just talking about raspberries this morning!

If I had raspberry canes and strawberry plants, I'd park my chair next to them and guard them with all I had. Talk to them, nurture them and as soon as those little red balls of bliss appear, scoff them down.

(Ask my mum, her dog has this same idea and pokes her head through the fence to pull the strawberries off with her tongue. It took mum and dad 2 years to figure out why they weren't getting a lot of strawberries)

Taz said...

i bet your rasberries are the best tasting ones in tasmania..

the say the older the plant the better the fruit.. :)