Sunday, December 2, 2007

weekly winners / take two..

Ok ok ok. this is a description of the messy post below... * sigh * I am a bit messy as well *hehehehe*

I had joined lotus' weekly winners. A nice fun post where you added some pics, and then added a link to lotus and then you added a shiny button as well...

But it is HOT! Stinking bloody hot *sigh* I have had copious quantities of The Amber fluid ... *Hic*..(I am just enjoying our national passtime I tell you )

And with a typical She'll Be right attitude, instead of trying to fix the mess below. I will just explain it..

they are pictures of the sunset.. It is farking hot ok...

cheers kim


Taz said...


tell me about the heat..

its totally sucko.. lol

frog ponds rock... said...

Taz..Blah it is Sooo...
Totally Disgustingly Hot..@#@#.YUK..
I went over to your Myspace page and went all Gagaa over your gorgeous Daughter.. She is Soo Sweeet

Taz said...


yes she can be sweet at times.. lol..

but its part of all the fun.. :)..


Scribbit said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!