Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dirt, hehehe

I was having trouble with my photos and my layout.*sigh* So I went outside aaand found this mess.. this is all the silt that had washed down in the storm last night. This is right outside my front door. I posted a photo yesterday of the raging torrent running past my door YAY.

So of course I took a pic, then I shovelled this dirt into a couple of containers,( I will use this in my new garden) but more about that later.. What I am really doing is using these BEFORE and AFTER pictures to experiment with my layout and posting skills... (My Very Very Basic skills.) And of course to actually have photographic evidence that I do stuff. Stuff not associated with the computer.. BUT I think my reasoning may be a bit flawed because if I actually want to show the Spouse my evidence.. OOOPS said evidence is on the computer.. *sigh*


Kelley said...

"then I shovelled this dirt into a couple of containers,( I will use this in my new garden)"

When life hands you lemons make lemonade.... or is that lesbians??? I dunno, but fantastic that you are so positive about it.

I'd be bitching about the mud.



Veronica said...

Pretty pretty dirt. Evidence of our amazing amount of wet stuff yesterday.

And I can just imagine Dad's reaction when you showed him the evidence. On the computer.

Taz said...


is it still raining over there?

frog ponds rock... said...

Kelley: It is nice sandy topsoil lol I know you hate gardening.. So thanks extra for commenting hehehehehe

Von: I haven't shown him yet. I am saving it for later.

Taz: No the rain has stopped but it has been a nice cool day and the ground is still damp..yay

dawn224 said...

Oh this is just like me - taking before and after photos!