Thursday, November 29, 2007


These were clean towels. If you haven't read how much fun it is to do the laundry at my house. click here SCREEEEEAAAAMMMMMMMMMM

The offspring spilled some water. There were dirty towels,sheets newspaper, a fricking mop all close at hand...

Nooo clean towels were the sponge of choice.


Taz said...


i really feel for you..

all i can see is men!

Veronica said...

You should make him wash them himself. Or dry himself with them.

Silly boy.

Maddy said...

Well in that case I will stop moaning about my own permanent laundry crisis [it's all relative]

Taz said...

i mean to say..

all i can SAY is MEN!

not all i can see.. hehe

TinkingBell said...

OK this is where you take a really deep breath, take the stelvin off a bottle of wine, line the men up and SCREEEEEEEAAAAAMMMMMMM AT THEM TO DO THEIR OWN DAMN LAUNDRY IN THE FUTURE!!!!.
Then you go and find a shady corner and drink the wine!!
We had hardly any rain here either - I'm at Latrobe and it's so dry - I feel for you - did the dry tank thing several times when we still lived in Queensland!

Precious_1 said...

But of course. And in my house it is always one of MY TOWELS that are the sponge of choice!

TANYA said...

hmmm....hehe this made me chuckle!

It reminded me of last night when I found brand new ORANGE facewashers in the washing machine covered in GREEN ALGAE from where the fishtank had been wiped out. And no, it wasn't by a child/young man/teenager either. A 27 year old man.

(Rolls eyes)

baby~amore' said...

GRRRR I am with you my son does this too. Teens !

Dorothy said...

I didn't have to look at the towels, I only had to remember what it was like for my poor daughter a few years ago. Her kids are older there a just of lot of towels and occasionally one of the girls help with laundry. Prior she was a wash maid slave..and it made me crazy. I would try to help, however, it seemed endless. You have my prayers for your strength. Stay in there..keep the faith it gets better..ask my daughter..

Dorothy from grammology
call gram

frog ponds rock... said...

Taz: hehehe I knew what you meant.
I went over and saw the photos of Maddison..Oh Taz, She's gorgeous, absolutely beautiful.*sigh*

Veronica: Oh At the time I promised all sorts of Dire punishments...He is down at Nanny's at the moment.I reminded him to be home in time to do his own laundry. *yeah right*

Maddy: I think we all have a permanent laundry crisis...*sigh*

Tinkingbell: Yep that is excellent advice hehehe.

Precious 1: Thankyou. I am so glad it is not just my towels..*sigh*

Tanya: yep the Spouse wipes the bench with the tea-towel instead of the dish cloth AAAAArrrrgh

Baby amore.. I wonder if it is because our sons have the same name? Or if it is just the teenage brain dead thinghy...

Dorothy: thankyou.xox