Monday, November 12, 2007

More car problems *sigh*

See these lovely professional looking invitations.These are invites to an exhibition of ceramics. My work is in this exhibition, work that I actually like. Work that I hope to sell. My car has decided to break. A-FUCKING-AGAIN.

If you want to read the saga of the car click this, If you want to console me, comment and/or send me alcohol. *sigh*

As I have mentioned before it is really hard being an optimist BUT the car will be fixed by Wednesday evening. So I am not stranded up here for weeks like last time, well it felt like weeks ... (It's a long walk to the pub you know.)

So I am sending all my best wishes to my fellow students.I hope you have a ball and sell all your work. cheers Kim.


Taz said...

sorry to hear of your car troubles..

i hope things work better for you soon..

chin up.. :)

mumkeepingsane said...

Sorry about the car. Just wanted to pop over and say hi and thanks for commenting on my blog.

Cheers. :)

Kellan said...

There is nothing worse than car troubles! Sorry! Hope your pottery does well - that's cool. See ya.

Veronica said...

Bloody car!

Tex's Missus said...

Hi Kim,
Love your blog; good luck with your pottery. Tex told me you had problems accessing my blog - I've finally got it sorted (I hope !)