Monday, November 5, 2007

Mmm good ventilation.

I like my Laundry it is well ventilated. Mmm Well maybe I am being generous with the word like.Can you see all the mod cons I have in my laundry?The view is breathtaking. Especially in winter, brrr. Ok Ok enough joking around. I am really pleased that I actually have a washing machine. I am exceptionally super dooper pleased that I don't have to carry buckets of water to this washing machine. See the hose, It is actually connected to a tap that works.YAY

I wanted to share this with you for a couple of reasons. One being that Veronica in her 100th post mentioned that she grew up in a house without running water.Two I was in the middle of the rather complicated and time consuming washing routine, when Ronni rang asking could I look after Amy for a bit. Veronica was sick and needed a break.

I gladly abandoned the washing in favour of my gorgeous granddaughter. Veronica did look unwell. Actually Veronica has looked unwell since 2002, but that is another story.

I am getting GET OFF the computer looks from the spouse, so I will leave this unfinished. I will tell more about my experiences raising children in a tapless house. tomorrow.

cheers kim.


Veronica said...

Ugh, I still feel unwell. Luckily Amy has just gone down for a nap and by the time she wakes up Nat will be about to help out.

You should have posted photos of where the washing machine used to be hehe.

And when are you going to show off the amazing stonework that Dad has done/is doing?

Anonymous said...

A tapless house? My wife and I aspire to a "treechange" one day (i want to get off the power grid so I have less things I'm forced to buy from big corporations, but she's not so keen on any loss of what I call 'convenience' items (like having access to a bath opportunity more than every six months, lol).

Anonymous said...

whoops, brackets all over the place in that last comment, sorry.

frog ponds rock... said...

Veronica: I will, I will. I have to do the meme you gave me first.

Tex:We had electrickery, via a complicated system of extension cords. We were on temporary power for about 12 years lol.We couldn't boil the kettle and use the toaster at the same time.Because it would overload the system. mmmm.

Kelley said...

aaaahhhhh! The penny drops. You are Veronica's mum. How cool is that? Now just get Amy to type me a few words and I will have 3 generations commenting on my blog!!!

Anyway. I cannot even imagine not having running water. I am in the country now, but grew up a city girl. Cows still frighten me.

But the view while you do your washing would make up for it. No, maybe not..... but it still is wonderful!