Saturday, November 3, 2007

I can and I will...

I have spent some time tonight reading and commenting on other blogs. I am bit of a lurker. I feel a bit funny commenting. Specially if there are millions of comments before me. Also I read what I have written when I have commented and it always seems a bit superficial. Mmm i will have to get over this. Sooner rather than Later. I am always thrilled to bits when I get a comment though.

Funny isn't it, when I am out and about I will compose blogs in my head. When It is time to actually sit down and write,I am empty. pffft all my words have vanished. I am finding it very hard to find my voice here. Maybe I am just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things I could write about.

I could write about the ongoing battle with the elements I have up here in the hills at B******.

I could write about my obsession with clay.

I could write about lots of stuff.

I think I will just jump off the deep end and write about stuff.

Cheers. Kim. xoxoxox


Veronica said...

I would just like to ask, where are my comments from you lately?

Also, did you mean to say where you live, shouldn't you like, not mention it?

Tex said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog Kim. I know what you mean about wondering what to say on a blog. I sometimes get stuff running around in my head, and get up in the middle of the night to write it, but if I try to sit down and just produce something it doesn't always happen. Often I find by doing what you do and look at other blogs, or news items i get inspired, angry, ridiculously stupid or moved enough to blog.

lightening said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for your comment on my blog. :-) I think both commenting and blogging get easier the more you do them. At least that's what I'm finding. Although I still have days where I really just feel like reading and not talking too much....

Kelley said...

Hi! Thanks for coming out of lurkdom and commenting on my blog :)

We all love comments. Even the big guns love em and sometimes even come over for a visit, which is lovely.

I use my blog as like an online diary. I sit down, type whatever is in my head, hit publish and walk away. People seem to like what I write (or abuse me privately!) which is great.

Just write what is in your head. Blogging is supposed to be fun not a chore!

Maddy said...

De-lurking and learning to comment is a process for some of us. Looks like you're coming along nicely.
Best wishes

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Hello! Thanks so much for the comments on my blog and the link. I'm enjoying yours, life's been unusually hectic of late, so I've not been commenting much anywhere, but I'm just like you, I never know quite what to say, and it always feels a bit, I don't know, almost artificial. Perhaps that's something to do with the intimacy of blogging but not really knowing each other?
Hello and thanks anyway, Bendy Girl x

frog ponds rock... said...

Thankyou everyone... Onward blogging I will go!
Oh dear that was terrible... See what you have done people? hehehehe