Monday, November 12, 2007

This makes up for the chihuahua (sort of)

I am still in a bit of shock. hehehe I definately must have had a touch of sunstroke yesterday. Obviously I gave the wrong answers. The sunstrokey type of answers. How could I be a chihuahua Puppy? I hate those dogs. Loathe those awful small dogs, with their evil pop eyes and their snarly little faces. Ugh they look like Mutant rats. Apologies to all the rat lovers out there.

So the sensible person that I am I decided to do another cyber quiz. YAY. hehehe.

Your Superpower Should Be Manipulating Electricity

You're highly reactive, energetic, and super charged.
If the occasion calls for it, you can go from 0 to 60 in a split second.
But you don't harness your energy unless you truly need to.
And because of this, people are often surprised by what you are capable of.

Why you would be a good superhero: You have the stamina to fight enemies for days

Your biggest problem as a superhero: As with your normal life, people would continue to underestimate you


tiff said...

I just wanted to come by and wish you a happy birthing day.
All mum's should be celebrated on their children's birthdays.

Taz said...

i have to admit..

i hate those little dogs too..


Bec said...


I'm a fan of SOME small dogs, but I'm with you on the mutant rat analogy

frog ponds rock... said...

tiff: thankyou very much. We had a lovely day. I kept on looking at my baby and going WOW she's 19 I am very proud of her.

taz: thanks for the comments and congratulations for the birth of your daughter. I have been following your story through the comments you leave on veronicas blog. xoxoxox

Bec: There is just something about them.ewwww *shiver*

Veronica said...

You cracked me up with mutant rat. Manipulating electricity???? Sounds like you!

Taz said...

thanks for that..

she is a beauty..

take care..