Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Smooch the Cat...

I was over at Tex's MissusDemeanors and she had photos of her two gorgeous Burmese cats. So I shamelessly stole her idea and here we are with a pic of my Tom cat 'Smooch'.
Animals have always been a part of my life. Sometimes I will choose an animal. Sometimes they will choose me. Smoochy chose me...

We were visiting a friend in town and having a beer in his kitchen with the backdoor open. This friend is a keen gardener and hated cats with a passion. Every time a cat dared to enter his yard he would squirt them with his super high powered garden hose. You've gotta love mains water *sigh*

So imagine his horror when this skinny half grown cat walks into the kitchen, jumps up onto the table and walks over to me, makes eye contact with me and climbs onto my lap.

"Your cat then? "I ask thinking that maybe he had mellowed a bit and also thinking that he was doing a terrible job of feeding the poor skinny thing. I should have realized by his goldfish impersonation that this was not his cat AT ALL NO WAY INDEEDY!!!!!! This was one of the dreaded strays who were deliberately making his life a misery. TF is never lost for words ever. This Cat's pure cheek had rendered him speechless..(At least for a few minutes)

The spouse looks at me and says," No!"
Innocently I ask, "No what dear?"
"No you can't have the cat..."
We were having to raise our voices a bit as TF was sputtering," the cheeky bloody thing, I will sodding well fix it" and like minded threats. And through it all there was this steady rumbling sound, sort of like contented thunder, if you can imagine that.

Two beers later the spouse grudgingly agreed that maybe we needed another cat. I had reminded him that there were mice in the ceiling and that farm cats don't cost much to feed.
I think he secretly admired the cat, just going into TFs yard was risky, let alone into his house. That was outrageously dangerous..

Ten years later I am posting his photo on the internet and telling his story .I called him Smooch because he is a smoocher. The spouse calls him Black Nuts,( not that he has any) it must be a bloke thing lol.

cheers ...


Tex's Missus said...

Hey, I loved your story of how you were "acquired" by Smooch ! He is just gorgeous. Jaffa is the smoocher of my two, he just loves cuddles and generally to be in your space.
ps. Thanks for the blog tips too - I've absolutely NO idea what the hell I'm doing!

Taz said...


what a lovely story..

he sure has found himself a good home..

i have always had animals in my life too.. cant imagine them not being in my life actually..

he is a beaut looking cat too..

take it easy...

Veronica said...

He still sounds like thunder when he purrs!

Bec said...

Unfortunately you have been tagged for a meme on my blog - this is the way these things go right?

dawn224 said...

I've had 3 cats - each has adopted me, and not the other way around. :)

merrymishaps said...

Great story!

I'll be telling how Joey adopted us later this week. I'm squeezing in some cat stories as I organize my clutter!

Kelley said...

I'm with TM, I am not fond of cats. Have a rather large dislike for them. But such a lovely story :)

BenefitScroungingScum said...

aww, I've got two cats, Smooch is fabulous and I love how he decided to own you! BG