Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Spring is well and truly here. I am sitting on the step above my washing machine. if you look at the pics of 'my laundry' you will see that these two pics are closeups of a part of the garden, that is very close to my front door. phew that was a long sentence. My high school English teacher would be ashamed of me.

Spring is here. the new growth has been fantastic. The weeds are winning. bugger.actually I don't weed very much.I tend to ignore most weeds and think of them as being just a part of the garden. Except for three. Chickweed,Fumitory and the bane of my bloody life Couch Grass. Ugh!

These pics show what a tangle my garden really is. I live in hope that the raspberry canes will grow faster than the couch grass and shade it to death. Ha! It's a hard life being an optimist. I am making slow progress though.The Fumitory has been removed from the red currant patch. Fumitory is a climbing strangling weed. Luckily it is shallow rooted, so it is easy to pull out. It is still a big pain in the bum though.

Chickweed is also shallow rooted and fairly easy to deal with. Except that it is bloody everywhere you look*sigh*. Luckily It is edible and high in iron so I tend to smuggle it into a lot of salads. I use it when I haven't got any spinach it's very similar in taste. Also chickweed is good for your skin. I will write about that later on though.

Couch grass*UGH* my pet hate. The one weed in my garden that almost makes me want to give up. Rotten Hateful Stuff. Even the wallabies won't eat it. I have given up trying to get rid of it. I am at the stage where if I cant pull it out, I just cut it back. I console myself with the thought that the unruly tangle of grass around the frogponds, at least gives the frogs some extra protection from predators. *sigh*.

The spouse is getting grumpy.

cheers kim.


Veronica said...

The tangle is good for hiding teenagers bodies too! You know, just in case. The Spouse is always grumpy, he needs a new hobby.

Oh and I tagged you for a meme.

Hope you had fun today, Amy is getting my bug. Fun Fun Fun!

Kellan said...

My little boy would just love to hiding in all that tangle! I can't believe it is Spring somewhere - getting so cold here (well not that cold here in Texas, actually - but cool). Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, weeds are so annoying. I've got oxalis everywhere and it just keeps on popping up, no matter how much i pull out. We're in the blue mountains and luckily the climate mustn't favour the couch too much because I don't have much of it and it doesn't get out of control. Kikuyu is more of a problem, especially in my vege garden and around fences. We've had heaps of rain in the last week, so tomatoes, silver beet, passionfruit, beans and snowpeas are all "cutting sick mate".

frog ponds rock... said...

Veronica: Gee thanks for the meme *groan*.

Kellan: Yep the garden is a good place for kids. I have fruit trees and berries etc.Lotsa goodies for My granddaughter.

Tex: Thank god I haven't got oxalis here. Now that is a nightmare weed!!!