Friday, November 9, 2007

Meme, the big eight . .why are there only 7 then mmm???

Veronica from sleepless nights, tagged me to do this..Great , thanks heaps *groan*

Eight things I am passionate about.

  1. Totally ANTI-WOODCHIPPING.The destruction of Tasmania's old growth forests for less than ten dollars a tonne of woodchips is criminal.Total Insanity..
  2. The freedom to protest against injustice, in a peaceful way. Without fear of persecution or prosecution.
  3. I am pro-choice. I believe that it is every womans right to choose for herself.
  4. Free Education. Free Education Free Education.
  5. Not killing animals for sport. I believe you should only kill an animal if you are going to eat it. I practice what I preach, on this one.
  6. Did I mention Free education?
  7. Paedophiles should be Named, Shamed and Chemically Castrated.
  8. My family of course

Eight things I would like to do before I die.

  1. Live for another 60 years (in good health) I would then be 101, YAY
  2. Travel to New Zealand.
  3. Enjoy heaps of grandchildren and great grandchildren
  4. Have my own studio
  5. Not have to worry about water. *sigh* (we are on tankwater)
  6. Have a perfectly clean. SQUEAKY CLEAN shining house, just for one day
  7. Have photographic evidence of the perfectly clean house.
  8. Be able to sing out loud, without my family covering their ears and groaning.

Eight things I say often...

  1. What part of No don't you understand? ( said to teenage son, often oops)
  2. Now tell me, What did I just say? (said to spouse as well as teenage son, *sigh*)
  3. Has anyone seen my?? (keys, purse, phone, sunglasses)
  4. Get this SHIT off my tv!!!! (teenage son likes jerry springer* vomit*)
  5. What would you like for tea AND DON'T SAY FOOD!!!
  6. I am NOT PLAYING ON the computer.
  7. Why is there an empty packet in the pantry?( said to teenage son AFTER I have been shopping)
  8. It's 10pm on a Sunday night and NOW YOU TELL ME you need a costume/hat/cake/etc for TOMORROW MORNING AAAAAAARRGHH!!!!!! .
Eight books that I have read recently...

  1. Illustrated dictionary of practical pottery by Robert Fournier
  2. Guilty creatures by Sue Welfare, this is so funny.
  3. I know this much is true by Wally Lamb.
  4. Stark by Ben Elton
  5. Maia by Richard Adams
  6. The Stand by Stephen King
  7. Gridlock by Ben Elton (again, but he cracks me up)
  8. A Field Guide Identifying Australian Birds.. Simpson and something the name has rubbed off , oops.
Eight songs that I could listen too, Over and Over... this list really depends on my mood and how much alcohol I have consumed at the time. so I will just list Songs that I absolutely Love...
  1. Butthole Surfers.... Avalanche.
  2. AC/DC .... Thunderstruck.. Awesome guitar by Angus... *drool*
  3. Cat Stevens..... Hard Headed Woman.
  4. Lou Reed.... Sweet Jane.
  5. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.... Do you love me.
  6. Roy Orbison and K.d Lang . ....Crying
  7. Violent Femmes,. ... Blister in the sun
  8. Nirvana..... Come as you are..
Eight things that attracts me to my friends.

  1. A wicked sense of Humour
  2. Her ability to see through my bullshit to the real me.
  3. She likes me.
  4. They actually are real live people.*waves*
  5. The ability to have a conversation about "stuff" and not a bitch-fest YAY!!!
  6. She finds my children as interesting as I do. and Vise Versa.
  7. They giggle when I sing and don't gag me.
  8. My friends all know how loud my snoring is and still invite me to stay the night...YAY!!!

Eight people who should do this post... MMMmmm

  1. Bendy girl from Benefit Scrounging Scum
  2. Tex from Tex's chainsaw massacre
  3. Tricia from momuv3
  4. Tracey from Why Bother
  5. Maddy from Whitterer on Autism
  6. Kellan from On the Upside.
  7. And anyone else who wants to.
  8. Phew I have finished...YAY


Veronica said...

What do you mean why are there only 7? On yours there is only 3!!! Very Sus, mother.

Where are the books? And the songs? And the tags?

The stuff you say often? I could hear you saying it! hehe

frog ponds rock... said...

published itself last night..mmm I must have pressed publish and not save. oh well. It is finished now. YAY

Maddy said...

Good grief that's an awful lot of 8's. I concur on the reading list but you're very late with most of them, not quite made it up to the current top hit list huh!

I tend to do my writing at the weekend, when there is another adult around! So I'll see what I can come up with, but I'm put off by the fact that that appears to be a gross similarity in your list to what my own would be! Eeek.

Karen said...

I love the "things I say." It's definitely a mom thing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Tex's Missus said...

Hi, my husband directed me to your site when I was seeking inspiration to set up my own. I love your site and found myself smiling at lots of your anecdotes and relating to many of your "eight things". Righto, I'm off to give this blog thing a go - wish me luck !

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have the computer back now.
I'll take your advice and fill in the "eight things" thing on my blog.

Kellan said...

Hey - this was fun learning so much new stuff about you! And thanks for tagging me. I have two memes already that I haven't done yet - I may just add this in when I do those and do them all at the same time. Thanks again for thinking of me. See ya.