Thursday, November 29, 2007

wednesday and thursday merge.. eeeek

Today was one of those days....*sigh* Just one of those days, I am so glad that I don't live near a bowls club or something..

The offspring arrived home from school yesterday full of tales of woe and a swollen hand.
The spouse had received a phonecall from the offsprings grade co-ordinator.
(I was out doing the hunter gatherer shit at the time)
When I asked the spouse the content of the conversation his answer was, "I told her you would give her a ring" AAAaaaaarrrrghhh After some skilfull and persistent questioning (notice how nice I am being here).. The spouse mumbled words like counselling and mediation , then retired to the comfort of his shed....OK.

I managed to make an appointment at the doctors for the next morning. The sweet woman that I am, I gently handed the boy some frozen vegetables wrapped in a damp tea-towel and gave him an iboprufen and politely requested that he go away.....politely very politely...

That was the lead up to my completely surreal day today..

I have a new phone.. ok. I used said phone as an alarm clock this morning.
At six a.m I was woken by "the hounds of hell baying for my blood... "
No, It was the super vibrate ringtone thingy vibrating against my glass of water.... ok *phew*
But it was still BAD..
I put the kettle on and went to have a shower..and .and and.. I had forgotten that there was water in the bath..oops (I need this water for my fruit trees) So I had to step into ankle deep cold water... It is a really strange feeling when the water hitting your head is HOT HOT HOT and your ankles are frozen... mmmm.

Just as we were about to walk out the door, to go to the doctors the Electrician rang..Now I will have to write more about this..later.. *sigh* this deserves a post of its own..
I finally had a person who knew what he was talking about...And he broke my heart..... I had been quoted somewhere between seventy and five hundred dollars by the office girls.. god love their ignorant hearts.... to get three phase power to my house. the spouse had mentioned he reckoned it would be about 3 or 4 thousand. "Ha !",I scoffed..
"HA !HA !HA ! " Foolish me, I believed the office girls...

The electrician quoted 25-50 thousand dollars... I didn't even have time to sit down, faint prettily or request the smelling salts.... I was late late late and had to get the offspring to the doctors....

This was all before 8.45 am... the day could only get better *sigh*

  • arrive at doctors....
  • get sent for xrays
  • wait for xrays
  • mentally redesign radiologists waiting room
  • mentally retrain office staff
  • outlaw giggling
  • receive xrays
  • return to doctors
  • remind self of the laws of karma
  • promise to break sons thumb yourself
  • ooooops (did I say that out loud???)

I will end with a phrase I will blatantly steal from Kellan.... On the Upside.. His thumb isn't broken. *phew* I managed to get him some new jeans on special YAY. We had Hungry Jacks and scoffed ourselves silly..If you are going to break a diet don't break it EXPLODE IT.

I am still in shock about the price for the electricity to the kiln though....


Veronica said...

After the drama on Wednesday, no wonder it merged into Thursday.

If you break his thumb yourself, they will plaster it and then...his feet might begin to work again.

I'm still a bit unsure on how all of him is broken because his thumb is sprained. Just a male thing? Just a David thing. Ponder ponder.

Taz said...

i hope friday is better..

the fruitfemme said...

Damn. "I told her you would give her a ring" is never the right answer. "I'll take care of it, honey." is always the right answer.

dawn224 said...

fruitfemme is SO right!