Sunday, November 11, 2007

The less said , the better ....

This is my dog Harry. This is my frogpond. The black spots you can see are tadpoles. The less said the better. We had been out fishing all day. Harry is an active dog, he is a collie/heeler cross. He had been home all by himself. (very very boring on the chain) So once we came home there was just enough time for a quick game of backyard cricket.. I really really like my tadpoles.grr. Luckily I love my dog. And it had been a hot day. . And for those of you reading from mainland Australia, It does so get hot in Tassie. lol.


Anonymous said...


what a beautiful looking dog..

looks like he is having loads of fun..


Taz (one for veronica's friends)

Casdok said...

Poor tadpoles!!!
Does look nice though!!