Monday, November 19, 2007

Froggy Things..

Taz comments on my blogs and for that I am eternally grateful.. I love comments. I welcome all comments . The good the bad and the critical.. I don't care. I wait with bated breath for my next comment.

My name is Kim and I am a commentaholic...

Anyways Taz asked me what type of frogs I had here and of course a light went off in my head. I can turn this into a blog, Yay. But of course things are never that easy are they?
Not when you are a serial procrastinator like myself, No Indeedy...Never Easy. Not when you have the amount of distractions at your disposal, like I do..hehehe.

The Distractions Are....

My Field guide to Tasmanian Frogs was at a friends place. I didn't really need the book as I know my froggys very well. but there was a chance I could be wrong, or I might need the Latin names or SOMETHING..... Lotsa distractions there. I just could not possibly even think about beginning to write about my frogs without the bloody book.


Veronica my daughter rang me. Von has possum troubles *sigh* Please Mummy can I borrow your possum trap? Please Mummy can you bring it here to me Now?(...insert suitable whiny tone.) Please Please Please.


Just before I was leaving to deliver the possums doom er trap. The lawnmower wouldn't start, so I waited around for another hour JUST In CASE the spouse needed anything from the servo. No! he didn't But he did need me to borrow Veronicas Lawnmower, BECAUSE the world was going to End if he didn't mow the grass right Fucking now..


When I got home The Spouse had fixed his lawnmower, so we had a spare mower and an able-bodied teenage son and SOMEHOW I caught the gardening/weeding/cleanup the yard bug as well.


It was time for a beer or three *hic*

So I still haven't answered Taz's Questions about the frogs and I will do soon I promise. Unless of course I get distracted..
Cheers Kim...


Veronica said...

Serious distractions indeedy. Are you going to take photos of your tadpoles as well?

Taz said...


not a problem.. :)

whenever you have some free time..

and some froggy's too..